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Job Title:Architect (PAAS)

Job Responsibilities

1. responsible for product feature planning, design and implementation of PaaS platforms/services and components. 

2. responsible for performance optimization and troubleshooting during the rollout and deployment of PaaS platform. 

3. responsible for the design and development of high reliability, high performance and high concurrency backend services, responsible for the core code writing of key modules. 

4. responsible for the design and development of microservice container application orchestration platform and related tools, management system of PaaS cloud platform; 

5. lead the team to complete the construction of PaaS platform.


1. familiar with Docker, experience with k8s production level applications, and have some understanding of source code. 

2. 3+ years of experience in PaaS platform usage and PaaS platform (K8s/CloudFoundry/Openshift)/container platform design and development. 

3. very deep understanding and practical experience in microservices, SAAS, PAAS. 

4. proficient in middle office planning and implementation, distributed system architecture, domain-driven design, ability to understand technology trends and application scenarios in a forward-looking manner, ability to understand and judge industry trends, and leading IT architecture and IT governance concepts. 

5. solid Java/Go development experience, proficient in design patterns and able to output high quality code. In-depth understanding of typical web application components and best practices, including high availability design, high concurrency design, component design, etc; 

6. familiar with container related technologies, familiar with docker, with K8S related container orchestration technology and rich experience in practice is preferred. 

7. familiar with mainstream technical components related to microservices and distributed architecture, such as kafka, springcloud, redis, etc. 

8. deep understanding and rich practice in microservices architecture and cloud-native architecture, proficient in large-scale distributed system architecture design, with distributed computing, storage, database related development and project experience is preferred. 

9. familiar with DevOps system, understand and have used at least one DevOps platform. 

10. passion for technology, serious and rigorous work, strong learning ability and responsibility, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, self-driven, good at communication and teamwork

Job Title: Head of Shanghai R&D Centre

Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for assisting the General Manager in the management and coordination between the various departments in Shanghai R&D. 

2、Effectively organize the team to complete the software product design and development tasks with high quality and on time. 

3、Training team, improve the efficiency and quality of software design and development, and effectively control development costs. 

4, with strong problem-solving skills, the proposed system integration requirements, the ability to organize personnel to solve, and assume a major role in it. 

5、Assist the technical director in the scheduling of resources for various departments within and organize personnel to complete the integration of the entire project. 

6、Complete the follow-up of product updates and organize relevant personnel to complete the training for the company's business department personnel. 

7、Participate in the design and development of the company's software products, and be responsible for the quality of the software products.


1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in computer software, management information system, software and other related majors. 

2、10 years or above working experience, including 3 years or above technical management post experience, with independent hosting project design or with the development of large-scale software project platform, software project experience. 

3、Experience in development or management of professional projects such as logistics and transportation, intelligent park, intelligent supply chain, block chain, etc.. 

4、Rich experience in design and development team management, rich experience in personnel management, good communication, expression and negotiation skills, good understanding of organization and operation and cooperation of various functions, and the ability to analyze, avoid and lift risks.

Search requirements

Age between 30-40, with appropriate age relaxation of 2-3 years for excellent conditions; Bachelor's degree or above from a double-class university or college; familiarity with the field of big data is preferred, with solid technology; 6 years or above management experience, having managed a team of more than 50+ people; working experience in a large factory or an excellent self-research company is preferred.


Job title: Senior AI assistant R&D engineer

Job Description

1、Responsible for the next-generation vehicle multi-modal human-computer interaction (voice, vision) system prototype exploration and implementation

2、Responsible for the design, development and experience optimization of multimodal human-computer interaction system, in pursuit of the ultimate experience

3、Solve all kinds of difficult problems in the interaction chain to ensure a good interaction experience

4、Be willing to discover, evaluate and adopt new technologies, optimize development efficiency, and pay attention to document precipitation

Job requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors, solid programming skills in Java, C/C++.

2、Familiar with Android system architecture and its core modules, skilled in using various common development patterns (MVP, MVVM), etc.

3、In-depth understanding of Android UI event passing, layout, drawing and other principles, familiar with UI adaptation of different resolutions

4、In-depth understanding of memory management mechanism, process management mechanism and task management mechanism of Android platform

5、In-depth understanding of the whole chain of voice interaction, familiar with the key technologies and core indicators, with optimization experience is preferred

6、Pay attention to program design and coding specification, have good program architecture ability

7、Proactive, logical, with strong learning ability and teamwork spirit, good execution

Job Title: Senior D 3D Rendering R&D Engineer

Job Description.

1、Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of graphics rendering engines and rendering solutions for vehicle systems

2、Responsible for development requirements assessment, software design, coding implementation, etc.

3、Responsible for optimizing memory and performance to enhance interactive experience under hardware constraints, and pursuing the ultimate

4、Be willing to research, evaluate and adopt new technologies, conduct technical research and innovation, and pay attention to document precipitation

Job requirements.

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors, more than 3 years of experience in 3D rendering related development

2、Familiar with the operation principle of graphics engines, familiar with Unity, UE, Cocos and other rendering engines

3、Familiar with common rendering algorithms, including but not limited to PBR, lighting, shadows, etc.

4、Familiar with Shader syntax, able to complete Shader special effects development independently

5、Experience in 3D game or 3D HMI development on Android system is preferred

6、Strong learning ability and good pressure-bearing ability, willing to accept challenges and pursue technology

7、Good communication skills and sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, able to proactively promote work progress

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